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Pre-Listing Walk & Talks

Pre-Listing Walk & Talks

Walk & Talk Inspections are free of charge. *Terms & Conditions apply.

A Walk & Talk is a service that we offer to Real Estate agents and their potential clients. We will walk through the property before it is listed for sale and point out any potential issues that will show up on a Home Inspection. This gives the client some time before listing their home to fix any minor issues, or at least get ahead of them. Clients should get a better value for their home, and hopefully combat any renegotiations after the inspection.


The Home Inspector, Realtor, and Potential Seller will tour the property together.

The Inspector will highlight any potential issues that could arise during a home inspection.

The Inspector will not conduct a detailed examination, such as opening components or inspecting

major systems.


The parties will then meet and discuss the findings for 15-20 minutes.

It is up to the Potential Seller what is important to them.


The Potential Seller or Agent will be responsible for taking notes during the Walk & Talk, there will be no report supplied.

Terms and Conditions

To provide this service at no charge we require that upon listing the home our business cards and/or service pamphlets be displayed in a highly traveled area, such as the kitchen counter.

Overall, a Pre-Listing Walk & Talk is a proactive approach to preparing a property for sale. By identifying and addressing any potential issues upfront, sellers can enhance their property's appeal, streamline the sales process, and potentially achieve a higher selling price.

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