(Brookfield Global Relocation Services)

What is BGRS?

BGRS, also known as Brookfield Global Relocation Services, specializes in offering comprehensive relocation services tailored to the unique requirements of the Canadian Military, RCMP, and Government Workers.

Dedicated agents meticulously assess the specific needs of each family in transition. Subsequently, they offer a suite of services that are precisely tailored to meet these needs. These services span a diverse range and include connecting families with realtors, home inspectors, and various other resources vital to the relocation process.

BGRS ensures that families embarking on a relocation journey receive the guidance, support, and resources they require for a seamless transition.

What Services Will BGRS Cover?

In our commitment to you and in partnership with BGRS we are happy to announce that we have reduced the cost of all of our BGRS home inspections so that the entire cost will be covered by BGRS.

BGRS streamlines the home-buying process by directly covering the costs associated with home inspections. Additionally, BGRS also offers reimbursement for a wide array of additional inspections and services at the client's request. This includes but is not limited to septic inspections, well testing, thermal imaging efficiency reports, pool/spa inspections, and sewer scopes. Just Call Joe Inspections works with BGRS to ensure that you not only receive a thorough home inspection but also have the flexibility to benefit from various other services, all conveniently managed through the BGRS reimbursement system. This comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to meeting your specific needs and facilitating a seamless experience throughout the entire inspection process.