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Why Just Call Joe Inspections?

At Just Call Joe Inspections, we pride ourselves on delivering thorough and unbiased home inspections. Our team is dedicated to equipping sellers with the knowledge they need to navigate the real estate market confidently.

Local Expertise: Joe has in-depth knowledge of Brandon and its specific property issues and regulations. This local expertise can be invaluable in providing thorough and accurate inspections.

Personalized Service: You can expect personalized, one-on-one service. Joe's commitment to his clients and attention to detail can make a significant difference in your inspection experience. He will take the time to answer any questions and always makes sure you walk away from the inspection with a better knowledge of the property.

Experience and Professionalism: Joe has a solid reputation in the community, He has years of experience in different trades and is currently apprenticing as a plumber. You can always expect professionalism as a top priority of Joe.

Timely Responses: Joe promises a prompt response to your inspection needs. This is crucial when you're on a tight schedule, whether you're buying or selling a property.

Comprehensive Inspections: With Joe's experience and commitment, you can expect thorough inspections. This can help you identify any potential issues with a property and make informed decisions.

Local Recommendations: Joe may have valuable local recommendations for contractors or specialists if any issues are discovered during the inspection. This can be a great resource when planning repairs or renovations.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you're working with a trusted local inspector can provide peace of mind during the property buying or selling process. You'll have confidence that you're making informed decisions.

In summary, Just Call Joe Inspections can offer local expertise, personalized service, and a track record of professionalism that can greatly benefit your property inspection needs, providing you with valuable insights and confidence in your real estate transactions.

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Our Team

Joe Teichroeb is an esteemed ICA Certified Home Inspector dedicated to serving Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. With a diverse background spanning over fifteen years across various trades, Joe brings a wealth of hands-on expertise to each inspection he undertakes. For the past two years, he has held the position of Manager at a housing maintenance company situated at the Shilo Military Base in Manitoba, where he has honed his skills in evaluating homes with a meticulous approach to inspections.

A proud member of InterNACHI, Joe is committed to continuous learning, expanding his knowledge and qualifications through certifications in areas such as Septic Inspections, Thermal Imaging, Well Water Testing, and Pool/Spa and Deck specialties. To provide an extra layer of assurance, he carries Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, ensuring a worry-free inspection process for clients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Joe is deeply devoted to his family. He and his wife are proud parents to two wonderful children, Wrenley and Roxie (3&1). Finding joy in outdoor activities, whether it's camping, fishing, or engaging in various outdoor pursuits, the Teichroeb family considers their cabin at Oaklake Beach a special retreat where cherished memories are created.

In addition to his commitment to home inspections, Joe takes pleasure in the world of BBQ exploration. It's not uncommon to find him tending to the grill or smoker, crafting mouthwatering creations that bring happiness to both friends and family.

Choosing Joe for home inspection needs means selecting not only an experienced professional but a dedicated inspector with a genuine commitment to quality and excellence. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve clients and ensure that their prospective properties meet the highest standards of safety, comfort, and functionality.

Image of Joe Teichroeb, head inspector and owner
Image of Joe Teichroeb, head inspector and owner

Joe Teichroeb: Head Inspector


Julia Teichroeb: Operations Manager


Julia Teichroeb is an accomplished Operations Manager with an extensive 15-year tenure in business management, showcasing a proven track record of excellence. Julia's wealth of experience extends beyond her current role, as she is also the proud owner of another thriving venture, Just Call Julia Marketing and Human Resources. Her multifaceted expertise encompasses strategic business insights and effective leadership, making her a valuable asset to the organization.

In her capacity as Operations Manager, Julia's dedication to maintaining operational efficiency and fostering a collaborative work environment has consistently yielded positive results. Her keen understanding of business dynamics, coupled with her knack for problem-solving, has contributed significantly to the success of the teams she has led.

Beyond her professional achievements, Julia is a devoted mother to her two children, Roxie and Wrenley. Her commitment to their well-being and happiness is evident, as she actively participates in their lives and cherishes the moments spent together as a family. Julia's love for dogs adds an extra layer of warmth to her character, making her not only a skilled professional but also a compassionate advocate for our four-legged friends.

Outside the realm of business, Julia finds solace and creativity in her hobbies. A skilled knitter, she embraces the meditative and artistic aspects of creating unique pieces with her hands. Additionally, Julia is an avid enthusiast of board games, relishing the challenge, strategy, and camaraderie that these games provide. Her diverse interests reflect a well-rounded individual who values both professional success and personal fulfillment.

In essence, Julia Teichroeb brings a unique blend of professionalism, dedication, and warmth to all aspects of her life. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with a genuine passion for personal interests, paints a comprehensive portrait of a professional and individual who continually strives for success and fulfillment in every endeavor.