How to Patch a Drywall Hole

assorted-color handheld tools
assorted-color handheld tools

How to use a drywall kit

1. Cut away loose paper and crumbling drywall.

2. Wipe down the drywall with a damp rag and let the wall dry.

3. If necessary, trim the patch.

4. Remove the backing from the patch.

5. Press the patch over the hole, making sure the edges stick well.

6. Apply spackling to the patch with a drywall knife.

7. Feather the edges out as much as you can, try not to apply it too thick.

8. After the spackling is dry, sand, and apply another layer.

9. Finally, apply a third layer making sure to feather out the edges really well.

10. If the patch looks good, you can now paint. If not, keep sanding and applying layers.