How the Inspection Saved the Day


This story unfolds with a seemingly ordinary mobile home inspection. Our inspector meticulously examined the structure, paying close attention to the foundation and support system. That's when they discovered a concerning issue: the posts supporting the mobile home were over-spanned, meaning the distance between support points exceeded the recommended limit for the specific trailer style.

This seemingly minor detail had a major consequence. The over-spanning caused the posts to lean, jeopardizing the entire structure's stability. Essentially, the mobile home was at risk of tipping over – a scenario no homeowner wants to face.

The potential danger didn't stop there. Leaning posts put immense strain on the entire structure, potentially leading to cracks, leaks, and major structural damage down the line. Repairing such extensive damage would be not only time-consuming but also incredibly expensive.

Here's where the true value of the inspection shines. Armed with this crucial information, our inspector brought the issue to the attention of the Realtor who contacted the park owner. Thankfully, the owner was unaware of the problem and incredibly receptive to the findings. Recognizing the potential danger, they readily agreed to rectify the situation before the sale of the mobile home was finalized.

This is a prime example of how a seemingly "crappy" situation – a leaning mobile home – was easily rectified due to the keen eye of a home inspector. The inspection not only saved the potential homeowner from a dangerous situation but also prevented a costly repair burden.

The Takeaway:

Mobile homes, despite their unique structure, require the same level of scrutiny as traditional houses. A thorough home inspection can uncover hidden dangers, protecting your investment and, most importantly, your safety. So, whether you're considering a bungalow or a mobile home, don't underestimate the power of a professional inspection. At Just Call Joe, we're committed to ensuring your new home, mobile or otherwise, is a safe and secure haven.